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2018 Alabama Captive Association Annual Conference

September 10-11th | Renaissance Hotel and Spa| Montgomery, AL
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Membership in the Alabama Captive Association provides various captive educational opportunities. It also allows members a collective voice within the captive industry, with state and federal regulators, legislators, and NAIC.

As a member of the ACA, individual captive owners and industry service providers have an opportunity to interact with each other and to meet with regulators for the purpose of networking, education, training, and service.

Alabama has become a premier domicile in the Southeast. It has also become attractive for larger and smaller captive formation, and for those captives that are desiring to re-domicile to a more business friendly climate, central location, and travel experiences from white sand beaches to mountains.


What is a Captive?



A Captive is an insurance company that insures the risks of its parent, shareholders, or affiliated companies.


Your captive issues insurance policies, collects premiums, and pays claims. Captives manage risk.


A Captive is a formalized form of self-insurance. Over half of all premiums collected in the US are now in alternative vehicles (like Captives) rather than the traditional market.


The Captive Insurance Company solution has long been utilized by some of the largest companies in the United States. Congress has enacted tax incentives to encourage the formation of captives for the small and medium sized business market.

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